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 Price List for Japanese Hair Care Services in Dublin


Casual Yukata set up

Casual Kimono set up


49 euro 


89 euro 

*Bring your own kimono and yukata.

Small accessories can be rented

Yukata and Kimono rentals are available. Please contact us for more information. 

hair makeup

Bridal hair and make-up- trial and consultation 

Bridal Up-style trial and consultation 

Bridal make-up- trial and consultation 

Bridal Kimono set up trial

190 euro

100 euro

100 euro

100 euro

*Only Frisode or HikiFurisode

( Irouchikake and Shiromuku are presently unavailable)

Bridal packege

We have many ranges of BRIDAL SPECIAL PACKAGES.

Available to call out, travelling / wedding preparation for the hairstyle planning / groom / bridesmaid / Makeup retouching in the reception

For more information please contact us with your wedding details. 

We will make the best of your wedding beauty plan.

Including hair and make-up trial and consultation.


Find the Best Hair Styling and Treatment Services in Dublin at MARU HAIR TOKYO

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