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 Price List for Japanese Hair Care Services in Dublin


Casual Yukata set up

Casual Kimono set up


49 euro 


89 euro 



Yukata and Kimono rentals are available. Please contact us for more information. 

hair makeup

Bridal hair and make-up- trial and consultation 

Bridal Up-style trial and consultation 

Bridal make-up- trial and consultation 

Bridal Kimono set up trial

190 euro

100 euro

100 euro

100 euro


( 色打掛、白無垢のご用意は現在致しておりません。)

Bridal packege

We have many ranges of BRIDAL SPECIAL PACKAGES.

Available to call out, travelling / wedding preparation for the hairstyle planning / groom / bridesmaid / Makeup retouching in the reception

For more information please contact us with your wedding details. 

We will make the best of your wedding beauty plan.

Including hair and make-up trial and consultation.


Find the Best Hair Styling and Treatment Services in Dublin at MARU HAIR TOKYO

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