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Our Best Head & Hair Spa Treatments for a Self-Care Getaway in Dublin

Hey Dubliners, seeking some serious scalp love and hair pampering? Welcome to Maru Hair Tokyo, your haven for Japanese headspas in Dublin, where we're bringing a touch of Japanese zen to the city’s self-care scene. Get ready for expert insights into the world of scalp treatment, Japanese scalp treatment, and a whole lot of head therapy.

Why Maru Hair Tokyo is Your Go-To Head & Hair Spa Salon in Dublin?

At Maru Hair Tokyo, we're your go-to spot for scalp specialists in Dublin. If you're wondering about scalp cleaning, dry scalp treatments available in Ireland, or how to do a scalp treatment right, we've got your back – or, rather, your scalp. Our mission? To redefine hair spas in Dublin and introduce you to the art of head spa treatments.

Our salon is more about experiencing the luxury of “omotenashi” – the Japanese way of wholehearted hospitality – right here in Dublin. So, join us for a self-care journey where wellness meets hair spa treatment, and luxury hair care in Dublin reaches a whole new level. Let's chat about five treatments that'll make your scalp & hair sing with joy.

1. Smooth Milbon Treatment - Head Spa

Oh, a spa day, but just for your head. Inspired by the high-spec salons of Japan, our Smooth Milbon Treatment focuses solely on your scalp's health and well-being. Our experts use exclusive Milbon products to stimulate blood circulation, alleviate tension, and deeply cleanse the scalp, leaving you refreshed and revitalised. In a few words, a deep cleanse that leaves you feeling like a whole new person.

2. Haircut Milbon Treatment, Haircut + Blow Dry

Now, let’s talk about a different approach to your haircut experience. We're not just talking about a trim here. Before the scissors come out, get comfy in our massage chair for a scalp massage that's pure bliss. Ensures your hair not only looks fabulous but feels ridiculously good, too.

3. Zen Scalp Detox Head Spa (+ Blow Dry)

Sometimes, you just need a little escape, right? Our therapeutic scalp massage stimulates reflexology pressure points, promoting increased blood flow and profound relaxation. The Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Masque, crafted from clays, minerals, and herbs, detoxifies your hair follicles, roots, oil glands, and scalp. And if you’re feeling fancy, throw in a blow dry for the full relaxation package.

4. Japanese Straight Permanent

Fed up with the frizz? Say hello to the Japanese Straight Permanent. This chemical process, inspired by Japanese hair straightening techniques, transforms any texture into permanent smoothness. No more battling with heat tools every morning. Just wake up, and voila – sleek hair ready to roll.

➡️ Dive deeper into the process in our dedicated blog post, "A Guide to Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening."

5. Scalp Normalizing Head Spa

Let's dial it up a notch with a fusion of Japanese and Ayurvedic practices. Our Scalp Normalizing Head Spa isn't just a spa day for your head but a whole soul-soothing experience. We detox, massage, and condition with the best Milbon has to offer. Your scalp gets a dose of plant extracts and essential oils, kicking stress to the curb and keeping your hair in tip-top shape. Time to rebalance your nervous system for healthier hair from the roots up.

Hair Care & Scalp Treatment Add Ons

Want to take your experience up a notch? We've got some extra treats to sprinkle on top of your chosen treatment.

  • Add the MILBON CMC Repair treatment for all hair lengths and let your locks revel in some extra love.

  • Is smooth technology more your style? Add the MILBON Smooth technology for an extra touch of sleekness.

  • If you're adding a splash of colour to your life, why not throw in Olaplex for just €30.00?

  • For those opting for the Scalp Normalizing Head Spa, consider adding it on for the ultimate relaxation package.

  • And because every great treatment deserves a gentle touch, add on shampooing with Milbon's gentle whipped cream for just €5.00. The choice is yours.

Ready to Treat Yourself?

If your scalp is sending out an SOS, it's time to hit up Maru Hair Tokyo's stylists in Dublin. And if you’re thinking of luxury hair care in Dublin, yes, that's our speciality. And yes, we are Ireland's first Japanese hair spa in Dublin, bringing you the art of Japanese hair care. So, if you're up for a chill session that's all about you, contact us today. Your scalp will be forever grateful.


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