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What Hair Colour Suits Me Best?

A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Hair Colour

Ever wondered what hair colour would suit you best? Well, fret not because we're here to guide you through the wonderful world of hair hues! Choosing the perfect hair colour isn't just about style; it's about bringing out the best in you and boosting your confidence. So, let's dive right in and find your ideal shade.

Why Does Hair Colour Matter?

Did you know that the right hair colour can completely transform how you're perceived and even affect your mood? Before diving into the dye pots, let's discuss the crucial consultation process. We believe in custom recommendations based on your unique hair type, current colour, preferences, face shape, and that radiant skin tone of yours. Oh, and don't forget to share if your hair's been through some adventures; damaged hair can influence our recommendations, too! Our expert stylists are here to make magic happen. Off we go.

  1. Your Complexion

Your skin tone matters! The right choice can make you shine like a star, while the wrong one? Well, let's just say we don't want to go there. To better explain, the right hair colour can enhance your complexion, making your skin appear more radiant and beautiful. On the other hand, the wrong colour choice can make your skin look dull and lifeless. Consult a stylist to find a shade that perfectly complements your skin tone.

  1. Your Eyes

Ah, the windows to your soul! Your eye colour can be a powerful guide when choosing a hair colour. If you want to intensify your eye colour, your colourist may recommend a contrasting shade. For example, if you have blue eyes, opting for a caramel or golden blonde can make your eyes appear even bluer. If your eyes are green, a fiery or soft red tone could be the perfect choice to enhance your eye colour.

  1. Personal Style

You're the captain of this hair ship! Do you want to turn heads or blend in? Are you feeling adventurous, or is your outfit speaking volumes? Your hair colour should reflect your personality and make you feel confident and authentic. We'll help you pick shades that scream confidence and individuality.

Determining Your Seasonal Type

Now, let's get seasonal, shall we? Are you a summer, winter, spring, or autumn type? Cool shades or warm ones? Many people fall into one of four seasonal categories based on their skin's undertone: summer, winter, spring, or autumn. Let's explore each type:

Summer Type (Cool)

  • Skin has an ashy, cool undertone with blue/pink tints.

  • Freckles, if present, are more grey-brown than golden yellow.

  • Natural hair colour ranges from ash blonde to dark blonde or slightly matte brown.

  • Eye colours include grey, green, or blue.

➡️ Famous summer types: Cameron Diaz, Lupita Nyong'o, Allison Williams, Zhang Ziyi.

Winter Type (Cool)

  • Two subtypes: Snow White type and dark winter type.

  • Snow White type has light skin with a cool undertone that doesn't tan easily.

  • Dark winter type has tan skin with a cool undertone and light pink blushes.

  • Hair colours vary from dark blonde to black.

  • Eye colours include deep blue, green, brown, or grey-blue.

➡️ Famous winter types: Courtney Cox, Lucy Liu, Naomi Campbell, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Spring Type (Warm)

  • Skin has a peachy to ivory beige tone.

  • Freckles are common in spring types.

  • Hair ranges from blond to medium blond with a warm glow.

  • Eye colours include warm brown, jade, green/blue, or bright blue.

➡️ Famous spring types: Lindsay Lohan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Nicole Kidman.

Autumn Type (Warm)

  • Skin has a warm, creamy tone with a golden glow.

  • Tans well and may have medium or honey-brown hair.

  • Eye colours are between brown and green, reminiscent of olive, hazelnut, petrol, or turquoise.

​​➡️ Famous autumn types: Jennifer Lopez, Priyanka Chopra, Julia Roberts, Viola Davis.

Contact Maru Hair Tokyo's experienced stylists today

So, now that you've got the lowdown on your seasonal vibes, why not reach out to our fabulous Maru Hair Tokyo stylists in Dublin? We offer consultations and treatments to turn your hair dreams into reality.

Hair Colour Transformations FAQs

1. Can I change my hair colour dramatically if I want to try something new?

Yes, you can change your hair colour dramatically, but it's essential to consider your skin tone and personal style when making such a change. Consult with a professional colourist to find a colour that suits you.

2 . How can I determine my seasonal type?

You can determine your seasonal type by analysing your skin's undertone, eye colour, and hair colour. A professional colourist can also assist you in this process.

3. Are there any temporary hair colour options for experimentation?

Yes, there are temporary hair colour products available that allow you to experiment with different shades without committing to a permanent change. These can be a fun way to try out new looks.

4. What should I do if I have damaged hair but want to change my hair colour?

If you have damaged hair, it's crucial to consult with a hair expert who can assess the condition of your hair and recommend suitable colour options that won't further damage your locks.

5. Is it possible to change my hair colour at home, or should I always consult a professional?

While some people choose to change their hair colour at home, it's generally recommended to consult a professional colourist, especially if you're looking for a significant change or if you're unsure about the best colour for you. Professionals have the expertise to ensure the best results while minimising damage to your hair.

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