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Japanese Hair Care Tips for Strong and Healthy Hair

Discover the Latest Hairstyle Trends and Tips for Your Hair Type

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Get Inspiration for Short Hair Styles 

Tips on how to keep a short style hair.


Find Expert Hair Styling Arrangement Tips

Idea of hair arrangement. 

Easy and stylish. 


Learn How to Use Shampoo Properly for Healthy Hair

Are you washing your hair correctly? Tips on how to maintain a healthier hair and scalp.

Expert Hair Care Advice for Maintaining Your Hair at Home

Short hair

Get Inspiration for Short Hair Styles from Japanese Hair Stylists


1. Use products

Hair Wax, Paste, Gel, Cream, Pomade...  Those are always very useful for hair styling. It depends on the look you are going for: wax and paste are better for that messy casual look, creams and gels are wet and greasy looking, good for a formal style. Most sould be worked into towel-dried wet hair. You can either finger-comb creams and gels, or you can use a standard plastic comb for a sleeker look.

Image by Jimmy Fermin

2. Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair is a timeless look. Even if you can't get your haircut done at the moment, make yourself look modern and tidy.


  • ​After washing your hair, towel dry 

  • Use the dryer to dry only the roots and make it semi-dry.

  • Apply product to your hair.

  • If you want to make it natural, hand comb to make it rough, and if you want to make a firm division, Comb your hair towards the back of your head.

  • Finally, use a hairdryer to remove the remaining water. Dry while holding down the volume firmly, and when it is hardened, it is complete!


3. Tie Your Hair

If your hair is too long and heavy,  why not trying the Samurai hairstyle? 

Gather your hair into a half-up, half-down ponytail

Grey Hat

4. Use Hats

Use hats as fashion. 


When you have to go shopping or just go somewhere, but feel lazy to do any hair style? 


There is the quickest way! Always good to have your favourite stylish hat.

hair arrangement

Expert Hair Styling Arrangement Tips

Here's how to easily create an up-style while you can't go to the hairdresser. 

Let's make a small change to your hair without hair cutting ;)

1.Half-up style 3 min!

1. Take half of the hair above the ears.

2. Tie with a hair tie.

3. Twist the part of your hair behind your ears.

4. Loosen a little picking with your finger tips.

5. Wrap the ends of the hair around the knot to complete.


2. Casual lower up style


1 Roughly tied the hair at a position slightly below the neck line.

2 Insert the tied hair inside the knot from the top.

3 Lift the ends of the hair up and put them together with a pin.

4 Done ;)

3. Half Bun

1. Separate the top hair at the edge of the eyebrows.

2. Loosely tie it with a hair tie.

3. Lift the tuft and twist.

4. Put the twisted hair bundles together and pin them together to complete!


4. Ponytail with small trick

1. After tiding the hair in a ponytail, take a small amount of the lower hair bundle.

2. Braid a small amount of hair bundles from the sides.

3. Loosen the braid.

4. Wrap the braid around the knot.

5. Pin it.

6. Spray and done ;)


5. Ninja bun

1 Tie your hair together at a high position on your head.

2 Wrap the hair and pin the ends of the hair.

3 Fix the hair bun with hair ties.

4 Randomly wind up with your favourite ribbon.

5 Your ninja hair is done!


​​6. 60s' Vintage style

1. Take the whole range of the fringe.

2. Gather the back hair at the ponytail position.

3 to 4 Loosely wrap around the ponytail to make the bun.

5. Comb your bangs.

6. Use a hair iron to make wind it inward. (Be care full to not burn your face) 

7. Arrange it rounded inward and pin if necessary.

8. Keep the shape with a spray.

9. Fold the scarf into a triangle and wrap it from behind.

10. Tie at the forehead position and Done ;)


7. Hair Accessories

The barrette, hair clip, clasp, Fancy Hair Tie, Classic Scrunchie, or why not to scarf?

A variety of hair accessories make your hair more stylish!

Try some of them and Enjoy the unique Fashion.


Expert Hair Care Tips for Choosing and Using Shampoo & Hair Conditioner


Tip for the correct washing scalp and hair washing method. Which is very important for the scalp and hair are healthy. By reviewing how to shampooing, you can expect not only to clean your hair but also prevent thinning hair, dandruff and itch.


Let's improve how you wash your hair and get smooth hair and a healthy scalp!

Shampooing Your Hair the Right Way

1. Remove dirt and entanglement by brushing

Brush with a hairbrush before shampooing. By brushing you can get rid of dust, dirt and hair loss from your scalp and hair. By keeping the hair frayed and tangled also prevents hair from tangling while washing. The hair has the property of getting tangled easily when wet, so it is necessary to loosen small tangles beforehand. Furthermore, by giving an appropriate amount of stimulation to the scalp by brushing it, promoting blood circulation and hair growth effects.

2. Temperature and shower are important for rinsing

Rinse your hair thoroughly with hot water. The best temperature for hot water is around 38-40 ℃. If the temperature of the hot water is too high, it may cause dryness of the scalp and hair, which may cause scalp troubles (dandruff, itchiness, redness). It can also cause hair colour to fade.

3. Use the shampoo in the proper amount

Too little → The foam will be small and friction with the shampoo will occur.

Too much → It cannot be washed off and remains on the scalp and hair and it may cause scalp trouble. 


* The proper amount will vary based on the shampoo used and the amount of hair.​

4. Don't apply directly on the head

Take the shampoo and rub it in the palm of your hand to mix air and water.  (It is not good to apply shampoo to the scalp or hair without foaming it with the palm of your hand. It will be easier to leave it rinsed.)Place it on the top of the head, both sides, and the back of the head, and use the tips of your fingers to further foam the hair so that it contains air. When the foam is firmly formed, wash it in completely.

5. Don't wash your hair, wash your scalp

Do not scrub your hair hard, friction damages the hair. The dirt will be removed just by the foam flowing through your hair, wash your scalp as if you were gently massaging it.

Massage scalp with your fingertips. Do not rub your scalp with your nails, The scalp will be damaged, leading to scalp trouble.

Step 1. Back region (behind the left and right ears, neckline)
Draw a circle and move your fingers to massage the scalp.


Step 2. Temporal head (above the left and right ears, temples)



From the upper left and right ears to the upper part of the head, wash the temporal region while moving the fingers in a circular motion.


Step 3. Top of the head 
From the back of the head to the top of the head, wash while moving your finger in a zigzag manner.

Step 4. Frontal to hairline
Move your fingers and shampoo with gentle force, just like massaging the forehead.




6. Rinse carefully

Rinse thoroughly and carefully over time. The point is to rinse until the slimy feeling disappears. Rinse with the showerhead against your scalp and massage with your fingertips until you feel the shampoo and foam are gone. If you just apply the shower from above, only the bubbles on the surface of the hair will flow and the hot water will not reach the scalp. Rinse carefully so as not to leave shampoo.

How to Properly Shampoo Your Hair - Tips from MARU HAIR TOKYO

What are the tips for shampooing your hair so that it doesn't get damaged?

  • Wash with dense foam. You can reduce the friction on your hair by creating dense foam and shampooing without rubbing your hair. 

  • Do not rub the hair

  • Rinse the shampoo completely. If shampoo remains on your hair, it can cause damage.

Expert Hair Care Tips for Choosing and Using Hair Conditioner

A conditioner is a hair care item that protects the surface of the hair and prepares the hair cuticle. By coating the surface of the hair, it has the effect of preventing damage and improving the feel and dryness of the hair. You can also suppress the generation of static electricity.

1. Remove the excess of water from your hair before applying conditioner

 If your hair is too wet, the product slides off and can't penetrate or coat the fibers.

2. Apply from the tip of the hair up

Start with the most damaged hair tips.


In order to apply evenly, apply an appropriate amount several times.


Be aware that if you add too much, it will not be easy to rinse.


Do not apply conditioner to the scalp!

3. Combing

Comb evenly, ensure every strand of hair has been treated.


Gently comb from the root to the tip of the hair as not to damage the hair.

4. Rinse thoroughly

Rinse carefully.


Rinse thoroughly with a shower on your scalp so that your scalp and hair are not slimy.


After washing your hair use dryer to dry your hair well

How to Use Hair Conditioner Properly for Healthy Hair - Tips from MARU HAIR TOKYO

  • Do not apply to the scalp

  • If the conditioner adheres to the scalp or skin, it will block the pores and may cause scalp problems.

  • Rinse completely.

  • Some people leave the conditioner on their hair a little slimy, but this is not recommended.

  • If the conditioner remains on your hair or scalp, it can cause scalp problems.

  • Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly to avoid leaving a slimy feel.

  • Our recommendation of shampoo, conditioner.

Japanese Haircare Products - Discover the Best Haircare Products for Your Hair Type

We offer advice according to the quality of each person of hair.

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